About Us
Health is the right move

UNITED PILATES was created to teach movements which are beneficial for improving your overall health. We believe it is key to help our clients enjoy and develop interests in exercise, by meeting instructors who have undergone specialised courses with minimum 10 years of teaching experience. Starting with the basic Pilates rehabilitation exercise, we aim to help our clients feel the movement of their muscles and recognise the changes

Furthermore, we endeavor to help our clients achieve their personal fitness goals and enjoy the process of creating a better version of themselves through exercise that suits their body and interests. By combining various exercises (Pilates, Golf Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, Swimming, Artistic Swimming) that sparks a client’s interest, we aim to help develop all large, small and inner muscles based on the core.

By thoroughly implementing the one-to-one instructor system, we actively motivate those who plan to start exercising for the first time, or those who are not very interested in exercise, through proper scheduled management and warm sympathy.

Rather than sequence-oriented repetitive classes, our instructors with rich experience in spinal rehabilitation, after sufficient posture evaluation, and motor ability evaluation provide the most suitable program tailored to an individual member.

When you perform the right movements together under the guidance of our certified and experienced instructor, your body will find balance and health. We will guide the way to health by creating interest in exercise with professional knowledge.