Benefit of Pilates
Benefit of Pilates

Pilates is a very effective workout! Pilates is an excellent exercise for the body, posture, balance, and flexibility, and is an exercise that anyone can participate in to improve overall health. Pilates can be tailored to the level of fitness that is right for everyone, from professional athletes to beginners. Athletes can improve their regular training sessions by strengthening body coordination, muscle balance, and mental focus, through Pilates. On the other hand, beginners will notice effects in a short time through feeling stronger during daily movements in a comfortable environment. Pilates can remove pains caused by body imbalance or stress by correcting bad posture that is repeated daily. Focusing on improving body balance and strengthening, the core, above all else, improves posture and relieves stress on the joints and internal organs. For best results, it is recommended to exercise 2-3 times a week, and you feel comfortable with your strength, at least 1 workout per week is recommended. Combining Pilates with aerobic exercise will boost the effect.

For best results, it is recommended to exercise 2-3 times a week, and once your body is in shape and able to use your body better, at least 1 workout per week is suitable to keep you in shape. Combining Pilates with aerobic exercise will make the effect much better.


1:1 Lesson is a private customised class that considers the client’s needs and goals, checking their current abilities and limitations, presenting short-term, and long-term goals. The Posture Correction & Rehab Pilates program helps to recover skeletal and physiological disfunctions, such asnormalised incorrect posture and bad habit.     2:1 & 3:1 Lesson are programs where you can receive detailed classes and management like private lessons at a reasonable cost. These classes focus on rehabilitation and body shape correction, as clients strengthen through an enjoyable way with friends and family. 2:1 & 3:1 classes provide extremely comfortable atmosphere betweeninstructors and members.   5:1 Group Lesson provide detailed and specialised lessons carefully designed by experts of United Pilates using over 10 years of knowhow focusing on unique program design, which include strength exercises, rehabilitation and body shape correction. Let’s get healthier by exercising together in our group lessons.


Golf Pilates&Fitness, like other exercises, cannot be taught simply by studying. Understanding a golfer's movements will help them evaluate and perform better, rather than guessing. Through the Body Swing Correction Program, you develop the efficiency, durability and physical strength in your swing that can ultimately improve your play. Understanding how it relates to the technical elements of your swing can help you get into better form in key areas that might be hindering you. I don't believe there is one single way to swing a club. However, I believe there is one effective method, and it is based on what you are physically capable of. Through this program, we see that certain swing characteristics directly correlate with physical characteristics, such as instability and lack of mobility.  Acquire the necessary skills through a dedicated training program for golf. Based on the appropriate sign of mobility and stability, it allows you to enjoy golf through muscle strength and power.


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People spend most of their day sitting. This causes problems with the health of the musculoskeletal system due to incorrect posture and lack of exercise. The load on the lower back when sitting is about 1.5 times greater than when standing, so the longer the time spent sitting, the greater the burden on the disc. In addition, with the advancements of technology, work and hobbies are handled by smartphones or computers, so regardless of age, muscles and ligaments around the waist are often weak. Through posture correction program, Round Shoulder, Upper & Lower cross syndrome, Forehead posture, Scoliosis etc. will improve. We better body condition through various equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Barrel, Chair) and props. My changing appearance gives vitality to my life.


At United Pilates, we work closely with the Athletes’ coaches and create workouts specially designed for each athlete. Weaknesses identified during workouts and areas which require improvement is communicated directly with the Athletes’ coaches to help them achieve better performance. We can help to find and improve your weaknesses.

MENS PILATES & Functional Program

Men who are usually accustomed to strength training that focuses on large muscles will still benefit from Pilates, as it exercises not only these large muscles, but also small and hidden inner muscles. This provides a balanced body. Increased flexibility, development of various muscles, and improved sense of balance improves joint stability, important when creating good posture. Here at United Pilates, we provide classes exactly for this. Feel free to come with friends and family, we run men-only classes too!

KIDS PILATES & Functional Program

The Kids Pilates & Functional Program is composed of classes that assist with height growth and correct posture. Increased use of smartphones and sitting at desks have a large effect on children growing up with little exercise. Thus, many are prone to round shoulders, turtlenecks, and overall weakening of gluteus muscles from an early age. With 10 years of experience working with children, our team manages and supervises children with great safety, however, also love providing a fun experience. It develops children’s skills like concentration, but also provides a fun interest, creating a healthy habit of enjoying sports. JUNIOR, KIDS PROGRAM is also customised, with chances to include swimming, yoga and fitness. Contact us for further details. Note: the minimum age to participate is 8 years old.

Diet Program

Exercising should be fun to start with. But, having a good diet is also necessary for gaining a strong body. But, we at United Pilates also know that breaking habits of unclean eating is also difficult. So, this is why we recommend simply starting with moving the body. We want you to find joy in movement! – and we have many options to do so. Choose from Pilates, Fitness, Yoga, Golf Pilates & Fitness, Swimming, and Artistic Swimming to challenge yourself into new fields, move and create interests. Programs can be customised in group classes, furthering the fun. Our personal journey can help guide yours! Remember, movement equals health.


40 mins Pilates & 10 – 15 mins Yoga cool down. Yoga is also an effective exercise for increasing physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance. It has the effect of reducing depression, stress, anxiety, and more, by inducing stability of the mind and body. Experience the true healing of body and mind, as well as rehabilitation, the natural movements of Pilates and yoga.